01 September 2007


If you want to have the cheesiest vacation ever, go to Cancun. I guess this must be why so many Americans are here. There is every American chain you can think of (TGI Fridays, Hooters, Outback Steakhouse, etc) really cheesy clubs - that are super overpriced, and everyone wants to take your money off you. Its a bit annoying. I think this is a great example of what resort towns shouldn´t strive to be.

We arrived at our hotel in downtown Cancun (not on the beach, where most tourists stay) and took a bus to the beach. After my obligatory visit to the Hard Rock Cancun, we tried to hang out on the beach. Unfortunately, the beaches are currently in an atrocious state. Hurricaine Dean washed away most of the white sandy beaches and instead there are rocks, the water smells, and seaweed everywhere! Its so bad, that dump truck loads of sand are being sent to the beach to try to make it look ¨normal¨again.

Another side of Cancun that I did quite enjoy was the downtown part, where the locals live. Since this was the last night of our tour, we decided to go a little crazy. First, we had dinner at a local Jazz club where there was a 1-man act being performed, as well as jazz music into the evening. Afterwards, we headed over to a rock band, just down the street. The cover band was amazing, and they sung many modern songs in Spanish. Our last stop was a local gay club where we caught a drag show and danced into the night.

I finally got into my room at 5.30AM, which was perfect since my bus was leaving for Chitzen Itza at 7 in the morning. No time for sleep............

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