30 July 2006

Arrival in Cairo!!!

I'm finally in Cairo. It took about 17 hours door-to-door, but I made it here and I'm severely jet-lagged. I flew Lufthansa, which was generally a good airline, but my one big complaint is that they don't have personal TV's for every seat. How can a transcontinental trip not have personal TVs?!?! It's like the only European Carrier that doesn't have them.

It took 7 hours to fly to Frankfurt, 2 hours in Frankfurt and then another 4 hours to Cairo. Arrival in Cairo was crazy. We were over the Mediterranean for a bit and then a big land mass suddenly appears and we started our decent. As we entered, you could see desert as far as possible in all directions except for the gigantic city of Cairo. Cairo, looked amazing from above. All the buildlings look very similar and they are the same color, the organization of the city is very chaotic.

When I got off the plane, I felt the heat almost immediately. It didn't help that I am carrying around a big-ass backpack as well. Luckily, I had purchased a transfer to my hotel, so the guy from my tour company shoved me in front of people through customs to get out of the airport quickly.

Cairo is crazy! I heard the driving here is insane, but this is nuts. Drivers will drive straight into a crowd of people as they scatter and miraculously miss killing anyone. Every time I cross the street, I feel like I'm playing a game of frogger, drivers don't stop!!! When you're in a car, there are guys on the street who are pushing their business (much like the guys in NYC), but instead of trying to hand you a flyer, they fling their business cards into the open windows!!!!

Currently, we are staying in the Dokkai section of Cairo, it seems to be a posher neighborhood since all the embassies are here. We even have a cute balcony overlooking the city. The Nile is about a 10 minute walk from the hotel, and it's absolutely amazing to see it. But, before I get the grand tour of Cairo, I will first head to the beaches of Sinai. Tomorrow, we are off to Mt. Sinai to see the suppossed birthplace of the 10 Commandments!!


Life Coach Alanna said...

I'm glad you made it safely across the pond. Could you please focus your efforts on finding a celebrity-look-alike shell or rock on the beach?

It's hot you say? So is your advice to menopausal women "Do not visit Cairo"?

Hope said...

Hey Jonathon - hope you're having tons of fun! You're in a desert so it at least makes sense that it's ridiculously hot - unlike here where we're melting!

Don't worry about the bar because we'll all be together in February!

Melissa said...

lufthansa doesn't have personal tvs at every seat??????? i'm flying lufthansa back from budapest and austrian airlines, which i think is a subsidiary non-stop to vienna. crap!