01 July 2006

Syrian Visa!!!!

The Syrian Embassy finally sent my passport back, and they granted me a visa!! (yay!) They asked for 2 photographs of me, what the hell did they need them for? I was expecting my picture to be on the visa. Anyway, the next stop for my passport is the Egyptian Consulate, where I hear the visa process only takes a day or so.

A little off topic (maybe), but for those of you taking the NY Bar exam anytime in the near future, here's a picture of what to expect:

Yes, thousands upon thousands of people in a sea of desks. They say they're going to wall off big areas and make rooms so it's not going to be quite as daunting, but ugh! Just going to the bathroom became a huge hassle. Oh well, 2 days after the real exam, I'm off to Africa!!!

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Life Coach Alanna said...

Are you home from your trip yet?