13 July 2006

Egyptian Visa!!! and Middle East Worries

I got my Egyptian Visa yesterday. It was a really easy process. You head over to the Consulate, give them the form and your passport and the next day they give you back the passport with your visa in it.

The consulate wasn't as luxurious as I had expected. It was in a cramped tiny office on 2nd Ave.

I'm worried about the Israel-Lebanon situation. I've decided NOT to go to Lebanon. :( I called the State Department and my Insurance Company and both recommended not to go, my insurance company even stated that they woudln't pay for anything that happens in Lebanon, even an evacuation. This would qualify as an act of war, rather than an act of terrorism and therefore would not be covered.

Oh well..... I guess I won't be able to see the Paris of the Middle East (this time).

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