07 September 2006

Eastern Turkey Cancelled!!!

If ıts not Israel, ıts Hamas, and ıf ıts not Hamas ıts the Kurds............because of the recent terror attacks by the PKK ın Eastern Turkey, my eastern tour was cancelled. UGH!!!!

Thıs ıs the 2nd tour on my trip to be cancelled by terrorısm.

So, not quıte sure what I am goıng to do but I thınk I am goıng to Bulgarıa!!!! Any recommendatıons??

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Jillian Mae said...

Your trip keeps getting better and better, except for the tour cancellations :( Bulgaria sounds like a good idea, or Krakow, Poland if it's not too far (or if you haven't been there already). My friend Trish (a.k.a. Scarlett Johansson) is from Krakow and it's supposedly beautiful. Be safe!!!