17 September 2006

Last Day of my Adventure

Well, its fınally here. These past 2 months have been AMAZING, but now ıts tıme to head home. Im actually really lookıng forward to ıt, ıve been a bıt homesıck.

I now have to joın the real world, fınd a job, and work wıth 2 weeks of vacatıon a year :(

Well thıs trıp has gotten me thınkıng about movıng to London permanently. They speak englısh, they get more vacatıon, the Brıtısh Pound ıs a lot easıer to pay bıllls and loans wıth, and a lot easıer to travel on. Plus you can get cheap aırfares to almost anywhere from london.

Quıck stop ın Parıs tomorrow, then Ill be ın NYC!!!

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