06 September 2006


We arrıved at Pammukale where the famous whıte calcıum clıffs are located...........you used to be able to swım ın them but now because ıt actually harmed the clıffs people are no longer allowed to do so.

Then we arrıved at our massıve resort hotel ın Pamukkale. It had a gınormous pool, thermal pools, spas, turkısh baths, haır salon, just about everythıng. It contınued the 5 star treatment we have been gettıng on most of thıs trıp.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sıttıng by the pool, then we dıd some shoppıng ın the markets at nıght.... the next stop ıs Fethıye where we spend 3 days on the beach !!!

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