19 August 2007

Antigua, Guatemala

Most tourists who come to Guatemala skip Guatemala City and head straight for the cute city of Antigua. (not the one in the Carribean, its in the middle of the mountains). The town is very cute, with cobblestone streets, great shops, restaurants, and architecture. In fact, the entire city is a UNESCO site. Its also very touristy but not to the point of annoyance.

Antigua is surrounded by 3 volcanoes, making for outstanding views no matter where you are. In fact, every night there are lightning storms which light up the volcanos at night. My shuttle dropped me off at my hostel, The Black Cat Antigua - which I would highly recommend to anyone in the area. 5 People to a room, with a bathroom en suite and a very generous breakfast all for about $8. I was able to meet up with tourists from all over the world.

I wandered the city for a bit, then partied the night away with peopel from my hostel.

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Catriona said...

Great! The Black Cat was good? 2/2 then :)