27 August 2007

Full day of Snorkling

Today, we went on a snorkiling tour, which took us to several different spots around the Cays to see some fish, wildlife, and also the Belize Reef - 2nd in the world only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Our first stop is a frequent stop to spot Manatees. We were incredibly lucky and were able to see 2! They are incredibly graceful animals (weighing anywhere from 500 to 1500 pounds) and also very curious and friendly. We were swimming close enough to them to reach out and touch them.

We then went to another part of the area, where we were able to see several reefs, coral, along with even more interesting ocean life. The fish seemed to not c are that we were there, and swam right up to us.

Our last stop was shark alley - which had a ton of sharks and stingrays. We were able to see both and was even able to pet a shark! They feel very delicate and almost like they can break.

A nice BBQ lunch, and the rest of the day spend relaxing by the beach. I wish I could always be on vacation!

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Jaime said...

Jonathan! Your trip sounds amazing! I cannot wait to hear more :)
Come back tho - NYC misses you!