13 August 2007

Central America!

I thought my blogging days were over, but since I'm such an avid traveller, I've decided to continue using this blog for any trip I take in the future! Next stop: Central America.

I recently got a new job and was able to "negotiate" two and a half weeks between jobs to travel somewhere......anywhere, I just knew it had to be a place I'd never been before and somewhere cheap.

That's where Central America came in mind. I've never been here, always had a curiosity about the Mayans and heard that its dirt cheap. Plus, I had enough miles to fly down here for free (although it turns out there were no reward seats for anywhere near when I wanted to go).

What's the plan: Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and Mexico. 4 Countries that I've never been to and will bring my total countries to 39!

1 comment:

Mike said...

I give you a lot of credit. I envy your ability to pick up and take these trips. As always, I will make sure to check the blog and live vicariously through you as you explore new lands.