30 August 2007

Change of itinerary / Full day of being wet

I guess Hurricaine Dean affected my trip a bit. We were suppossed to stay at a hotel in the Mexican town of Bacalar, but the hurricaine has cut water and electricity to this place. Additionally, the ruins at Tulum are also closed because of the hurricaine. So, instead, we spent a night in Playa Del Carmen, about an hour and a half from Cancun, where my tour officially ends.

We left early in the morning from Caye Caulker after a crazy night of drinking. So we were all hungover and maybe still drunk when we got into the water taxi. Of course, there was a huge rainstorm during the ride and the boats weren't covered, so we all got soaking wet and seasick. Then, we had to take a 10 hour bus ride to Playa. My clothes were soaking wet the entire time. I guess this is what you'd call a down part of the trip. All part of travelling!

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