20 August 2007

The Ruins at Copan (Not to be confused with Copan Ruinas)

This morning, we took a guided tour of the Mayan ruins at Copan. They were fantastic! It was everything I had imagined on seeing the 1st of the many Mayan ruins I will be seeing on this trip. This particular site takes up about 21 square kilometeres.

Seeing the steps and teh amazing squares of the city were amazign. We were also able to see the famous ball courts - where Mayans played to be decapitated. If you won the game, you get the honor of being sacrifieced to the gods (whoa!).

The temperature was also becoming unbearibly hot, and it seems as this should be how the rest of the trip will be. We also headed to a museum on site, which had a replica of a discovered temple - including the original paint and decorations of what the Mayan site would look like.

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