23 August 2006

Amman - it's a little bit like Suburban NJ

Seriously, when we drove into Amman, I felt like I was driving to Newark airport. There were Burger Kings, KFCs, McDonalds, Applebees, and tons of other American chains. And it wasn't organized in a nice way like some European cities, but just scattered along major 4-lane roads (like NJ).

Amman is a quick jump back into the Western world. Malls, McDonalds, modern clothes and urban sprawl. Although there is a "downtown" it doesn't look any different from the rest of the city. There isn't an area of skyscrapers, but more just like a really long spread of buildings. There are a couple attractions, but nothing that beats other things I"ve seen in Jordan.

My last night in Jordan was a lot of fun, we went to this really swanky restaurant called "The Blue Fig." THis place belongs in NY. It is The hot place to be. Young, hip Jordanians dressed like they were going clubbing. One of our waiters looked like the Jordanian version of Nick Lachey (Mediterranean Style). It was good preparation for the 30 hour journey to meet my friends in Greece!

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