12 August 2006

Back in Cairo

I came back to Cairo this morning, I'm starting to get familiar with Cairo, in fact I had to guide my taxi driver back to the hotel.

I was able to meet up with some people today who were on my tour and stayed behind in Cairo. We're going Karaoke tonite! I'm also meeting with some of those people up in Greece (so excited!!).

Egypt has been absolutely great so far. However, because of the heat, I always feel like I'm eternally dirty. I'm constantly sweating, I've darkened, I'm wearing the same clothes.....It's bleech! Oh well, still have 5 weeks to go.

I also decided about my trip, so the new itinerary is to go to Jordan, fly from Jordan to Istanbul, then go to Greece for a few days. I'm then going on a huge round-about tour of Turkey. After that, I"m not sure (I"ll have about a week left). Someone come meet me in Turkey!!

I met up with friends from my tour, and my tour leader was able to get me a shot glass from teh Hard Rock in Hurgada! We then went out for pancakes in the Khan al-kalili (bazaars). You can get sweet ones, or ones stuffed with meat. I of course had to try both. Aftrerwards, we did some more shopping in the bazaars. I've been really good, and haven't really picked anyting up. We then entered a Mosque nearby and got a private guided tour. I also climbed one of the minorets for an amazing panoramic view of Cairo.

It's amazing how far yoiur money goes here, the hotel I'm staying in has a TV, private bath, large bed, and free breakfast. Also, there's a nice restaruarnt on the roof where we can smoke Shisha. All for a mind-blowing US $20. Tomorrow, I'm planning on hiring a private car with driver to take me to some sights, and it should cost less than $30 for the day. I'm gonna miss these prices in all of the countries I'm going to next. I've heard Jordan is as expensive as England. Greece is Euro prices, and Turkey isn't that cheap anymore :(

Oh well, time to get ready for karaoke

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