16 August 2006

Greetings from Jordan

The morning we climbed mt. sinai, we made our way to Jordan! After nearly 3 weeks in Egypt, we drove to the port town of Nuweiba to catch our hydrofoil to Aqaba, Jordan. The red tape to get through the border is a nightmare. First, you have to enter the port, go through exit customs in Egypt, then you have to line up at the ship. There aren't really seat assignment, and the boat was not kept in good shape. Kids running up and down the aisles, the bathrooms were in a mess, and they blasted a really loud Arabic movie, which no one seemed to enjoy.

While on the ship, they take all the passports to process them, and that process takes longer than the

We did of course get our special treament because we were Westerners. We were escorted onto the ship before Egyptians, escorted off the ship in Jordan before the locals, and rushed through customs.

Jordan is much richer than Egypt and also much more Westernized. It's also more expensive than the US!! 1 Jordanian Dinar is equivalent to one British Pound, so you have to double all the prices that you see. Good thing I'm only here for a few days.


Legal Alien said...

Welcome to Jordan , I hope you enjoy your visit.


legal alien said...

Welcome to Jordan , I hope you enjoy your visit.