19 August 2006

Wadi Rum and Petra By Night

It's hot. So damn hot that I'm constantly sweating. I smell, my clothes are dirty, and I'm developing a really interesting farmer's tan. On some occasions I smell myself and realize how much I reek!! (eek)

However, it is all worth it after seeing the Wadi Rum and Petra. The Wadi Rum is a desert area in the south of Jordan. We took jeep rides through the desert. Sand blowing everywhere, and we got out to hike at a few spots. I'm told that the temperature reached into the low 110s (not as bad as the 140 we hit in Aswan). I did, however drink about 4 huge bottles of water. We also sat in a beduin tent and had some tea. This desert is famous as the place where the movie "Lawrence of Arabia" was filmed. The desert landscape is absolutely beautiful. The only regret I had was that we weren't able to camp there that night.

However, when we made it to the hotel near Petra, I was very happy. Our hotel here was probably one of the more luxurious options we've had. It was fully equipped with a Turkish Bath and a swimming pool. The rooms were huge, had balconies which overlooked the valley and CNN International! What more could I ask for.

We had the option to do "Petra at night" and I jumped at the opportunity. It was awesome! The entire pathway to the main entrance is lit by candlelight, and then you listen to beduin music, have some tea, and watch the stars all night. The bedouins themselves quite curious about foreigners also talked to the crowd. It also gave me a huge introduction to what we were going to see the next day

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