04 August 2006

Great Pyramids, Sphinx, and the Egyptian Musuem


I found out why I can't upload ipictures, it's because the megapixels is too high for the website to get :( So, i'm probably not gonna get pictures for a while. Anyway, we drove back to Cairo yesterday.

Cairo is still an amazing city. First, we stopped in the Khan al-khalili makrets which are the bazzars of Cairo. There, I was accosted at almost every angle by vendors who wanted me to buy their goods. Everyone there also called me a "lucky man" since I was there with two blondes - Debi from NY , and another girl on our trip Lauren who is Aussie. I really wanted to get the prices down so I could go back and look after seeing the prices down in Souther Egypt. I was able to pick up a few things like perfume bottles and some papyrus. I was also ofered 5000 cames for my Australian friend Lauren.

After that, we took a cab over to the Hard Rock Cairo so I could get my souvinier shot glass which I get in every city I'm in. It happened to be located in athe Grand Hyatt, which is a 5-star hotel in Cairo. For those of you who have never left the country, American chains are EXTREMELY posh in foreign countries, even places like Best Western and Holiday Inn.

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Mike said...

You should have held out for more money. J/k. 5000 is enough.