13 August 2006

Running out of clothes

I only brought about 5 shirts and 3 pants on this trip, so it was absolutely devistating to me when I found out that one of my pants was ripped. It wasn't just a small rip in the leg, it was a full out rip from the front of the crotch to the back of the crotch! I coudln't believe it, and even more I couldn't beleive no one told me after a full night of drunken karaoke.

Today, I hired a car to take me to Islamic Cairo and Coptic Cairo. Of course, as I was trying to pose for a picture on top of the citadel in Islamic Cairo, my pants rip! The 2nd pair!!! Ahhhh, I can't spend money on buying crappy pants.

Oh, the life of a backpacker..................should I buy new pants or should I eat dinner next week?

1 comment:

Tami said...

I say to hell with eating next week...buy some new pants!! What good is food if you don't look fabulous!! The Jonathan I know wouldn't be caught dead in the same pants day after day...even in the Middle East!! hehe :)