25 August 2006

Lymnos - The sister island of Lesbos

Getting off the ferry I was really glad to see my friend from Egypt, Dave Clancy. After travelling for 30 hours not speaking to anyone it was really comforting to see a familiar face. And he had a car! It was so nice to travel in a private car after lugging all my crap around on my back for the past 2 days.

Lymnos is really off the beaten track of Greece, in fact most vacationers here are Greek themselves. I got a really cute hotel room right on the water with a wrap-around balcony - only for 18 Euro! The only problem was the bathroom was down the hall and it was disgusting. The woman who sold me the room was really surprised that there was an American in Lymnos at all.

Dave's brother, Aaron and Aaron's wife, Christine were all staying at a relative's place in Lymnos. The great thing about it was that they had a local guide to take them around hte island since their family is from here. We sat on a great beach with hardly any people on it at all.

We also got a great dinner from teh Clancy's family on Greece. We had tons of homemade food, and they made me feel right at home, pretty much forcing food down my throat. We also got a private tour around the island from the relatives, who showed us a lot of the historical ruins and churches. I also got a lot of much needed R & R before my next adventure tour in Turkey. The Greeks follow a siesta as well, so almost everything shuts down from 3PM to 6PM and the only thing you can do is sleep or eat!

What an awesome unplanned excursion.

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