16 August 2006

Saqqara and Dashur

My driver the other day was so nice, that I hired him again the next day to take me to the more unique pyramids which are much less famous.

The Step Pyramids in Saqqara, and the 3 different pyramids in Dashur, these were all about an hour outside the city. Total cost, 150 Egyptian Pounds (about $30). They were absolutly gorgeous! I climbed into one of the pyramids in Dashur. This one was much hotter and the passage was much longer than the famous ones at Giza.

When I got to the bottom of the pyramid, I looked at my arms and they were just completely wet with sweat. I couldn't breath, and I could barely see, then I had to climb out of the pyramid again. I've decided taht I can't ever be clean while I"m travelling, so why bother trying.

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