23 August 2006

Jerash and the Dead Sea

One of the days in Amman, we took a day trip to the Roman City of Jerash and the Dead Sea. Jerash was awesome! It's one of hte biggest fully intact Roman cities - you ask for it and they probably have 2 of it - Ampitheatres, Temples, Churches, Gates, Columns, Chariot Race Track! This site is much larger, more impressive, and less touristy than the Roman Forum itself!

That afternoon we also went to the Dead Sea. You can't sink! You just literally sit in the water, it's the weirdest feeling in the world. My friend got some pictures just sitting and reading the Newspaper. The Dead Sea is also incredibly painful for any cuts you have. They told us NOT to shave the day of going to the Dead Sea. Because my feet have been so dry, they've actually opened up in some places, and the initial stepping into the Sea was incredibly painful! It's also very hot, not just warm, but like taking a bath. Because of the incredible heat in Jordan, the dip in the Sea was not refreshing at all.

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