21 August 2008

Belgrade Beer Fest

I rarely make it in time to random cities for all the different festivals in Europe. But tonight I'm very lucky since I made it to Belgrade for the opening night of Belgrade Beer Fest 2008. It was insane. There were tents of beer, a huge stage, and even carnival rides (with techno music to boot) I felt like it was a carnival on speed.

We ran around, tried all the different beers: Montenegrin, Serbian, Croatian, and German. Then we rode the bumper cars! It was awesome. I felt like i was in high school again.

Later, we listened to some local Serbian bands. The local Serbians loved me, they kept talking to me and even threw me in the middle of a mosh pit! The Serbians know how to party!

Belgrade is famous for its club life and rumor has it that it is the best city to go clubbing in Europe. In fact, in the Sava River there are about 2 or 3 barges that were completely gutted and made into huge clubs. I plan to hit one (or more) before I leave.

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