15 August 2008

I'm off!

It's about 6.30AM and I'm in my apartment in NYC. I just showered and used the bathroom - probably the last clean bathroom I'll see for the next 3 weeks, and more than likely the only private bathroom. In fact, I'm probably going to be disgusting for the next 3 weeks....but we'll see. The plan today and tomorrow is a bit complex, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will go as planned.

Since I used my Mileage Plus miles for this trip the flights are kind of annoying. There were no mileage seats left on flights out of NYC today so I am taking a flight out of Dulles Airport in Washington, DC. The plan is to catch an 8AM bus to DC, and hopefully get in around 11.30AM. Meet up with my friend Justin for lunch before heading to the airport for my flight to Frankfurt, Germany.

In Germany, I have a 9 hour layover before my flight to Zagreb, Croatia. Luckily, my friend Aleks lives there and she and we'll have lunch and hang out in Frankfurt for a bit. Then, continue on to Zagreb, where I have a 5 hour layover before continuing on to the beach town of Split.

I actually would prefer to get off at Zagreb because I plan to continue my way to Belgrade from there. So, hopefully, the nice people on Air Croatia will allow me to cancel that leg without paying for it.

That's the ideal situation. Let's see how this actually plays out...........

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pbquan said...

Cant believe you're off already - summer just flew.
Say hi to Split for me - I loved that town.