26 August 2008

Wandering Around Sarajevo

I wanted to stay an extra day just to get lost in the streets of Sarajevo. I really do love this city, its my favorite one on the trip so far and really one of my favorites in Europe.

Today I started off with one of the traditional Bosnian pastries filled with cheese and spinach. They also do a meat version (of course) but I think Ive had a bit of a meat overload so far. I wandered the Turkish part of town called, Baščaršija. It is like he bazaar in Istanbul, but a bit less touristy and a bit more manageable.

I then wandered through the modern part of town where there are very expensive stores and cafes. I think this is a great part of town, where you really see how alive the city is. Everyone seems to just really try to enjoy life and takes it nice and slow.

I kept walking toward the end of the downtown part of town to see the Holiday Inn for a few more pictures and also the History Musuem located across the street. Here there were many artifacts from the war....it still is unbelieveable to me that this occured only a little over a decade ago, and how much the city has recovered since then.

One other thing about this city that I love is that there is sooo much diversity here. Today I went into a Mosque, a Church and a Synagogue, all within a 5 minute walk away from each other.

Lastly, I had to try a Bosnian Coffee. It is very similar to a Turkish coffee, tiny, strong and thick. Perhaps youve noticed that a big part of my travels revolves around food.

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