29 August 2008

Onto Montenegro

This morning, I caught an early bus (7AM!!) to Budva, in Montenegro. The 8 hour drive was amazing! First, we saw the last of the beautiful Bosnian countryside and then went onto the Croatian coast. The water is soo blue and the beaches looked gorgeous. Five-star resorts dotted the waterfront all the way along the beach. Then, we entered Montenegro and the amazing views continued. One of the highlights was driving through the town of Kotor, which apparently has the highest fjord in all of Eastern Europe. The main part of the town is the walled city, but there is also a massive fortress high above the hill overlooking the water. Apparently, it is 1500 steps to the top! Not sure if I'll be climbing that.

We got into the resort town of Budva, and it is VERY touristy. There are shops and restaurants lining the beach, hotels and sunbathers everywhere. However, this is a nice change from coming from oppressively hot cities. I can't wait to hit the beaches...

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