18 August 2008


I love cities that have lots of pedestrian malls and parks and water fountains. Zagreb doesn't disappoint on any of those levels. I took a self guided walking tour and saw many of Zagreb's famous churches, the botanical gardens and just got lost in the city. Zagreb has many cute sidewalk cafes and restaurants and because it is still undiscovered by the masses is very affordable - and NOT crowded. Unfortunately Ive heard from other travelers that the coast right now is swamped with tourists.

Tonite I also met a bunch of people from the hostel - there was an American, a Canadian, a Dutch guy and a huge group of Maltans. We went out and tried to find fun, but apparently Sundaz nights in Zagreb are very quiet because everyone is coming from the coast.

Oh well....off to the Plitvice Lakes tomorrow which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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