29 August 2008

The Tour

One of the big reasons I went to Mostar was because of this "Tour" that I had heard of pretty much in every city I had been to prior to Mostar. It was a full day of hiking, swimming, sightseeing and history.

Well, it started off great. We started with a panorama view of the city of Mostar from a hill that overlooked the entire city. Our tour guide gave us a personal account of what occurred during the war and how he was able to escape the country.

Later, we went to the famous pilgrimage sight of Medjugorje, which according to the locals, the Virgin Mary appeared to children on a hill near the town. Today, over 1 million pilgrims come to the site - which has become a huge tourist trap in itself.

We later went to a local swimming spot, filled with waterfalls and lakes. Some in our group tried to do a 30 foot jump into the water below. In order to jump, you had to do a bit of a running start in order to clear a tree growing out of the side of a cliff, and you really couldn't see the bottom from the top.....I chickened out at the top of the cliff. We went through caves, through waterfalls, and even swam under waterfalls.

Afterwards, we left and headed to more local sights, however our van broke down.......unfortunately this ended the tour with the exception of a dinner we had near a riverbank. Sometimes, you just have to be ready for setbacks, and this was unfortunately one of them.

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