26 August 2008

Onto Mostar

This morning, I left Sarajevo to travel to the smaller city of Mostar, Bosnia. This city went through even more destruction from the war and it is a lot more obvious driving through. There are many ruins of bombed out buildings scattered throughout the city.

The big attraction of Mostar is the famous old bridge, which was built in the 16th century and stood for over 400 years until the war in the 1990s destroyed the bridge. In the early 2000s the bridge was rebuilt again. Today, tourists and locals may jump off of the bridge into the water below.....literally about a 60 foot drop. A bit too adventurous for me....however I saw a big group of Aussies and Kiwis doing it today.

The small streets and alleyways surroudning the bridge are also very fun to explore. I bought a few more souviniers today before having a traditional lunch consisting of locall caught trout, and a tomato, cucumber and cheese salad.

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