24 August 2008

Bus to Sarajevo

I had a long day ahead of me, a nearly 8 hour bus trip to my next destination, Sarajevo. The bus itself was pretty empty and I met a Bosnian woman who wanted to practice her English so she made the time go faster.

I am very glad I did the trip during the day, as the Bosnian countryside is gorgeous! It was filled with mountains, rivers and cute towns. A quick stop at Serbian exit customs and Bosnian entrance customs and the scenery began almost instantaneously. The highlight of the trip, of course was driving into Sarajevo. The city is located in a valley and is completely surrounded by mountains, so you can see the entire city when you are driving along the mountains above the city.

I instantly realized why it was so easy for the Serbians to seize the city as you get a very good birds eye view of the city, making it easy for snipers and tanks to take out the city (more on this later).

I made it to my hostel which was a massive walk up a hill above the old town. However, the view of the city from their balcony is AWESOME. I met a group of people from the hostel and we went out to enjoy the Sarajevo nightlife!

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