24 August 2008

Novi Sad

I decided to take a day trip to Novi Sad from Belgrade. Its a smaller city north of Belgrade about 1.5 hours by bus.

On the way there they were blasing Celine Dion all the way up. I had to blast my iPod to overcome the sounds.

Novi Sad is becoming popular for the big European music festival, Exit. However, Ive heard that the town itself is cool and is worth a day trip. I completely agree....but I am glad I didnt spend more than a day there.

The highlight of the town is a gigantic fortress overlooking Novi Sad on the Danube. It is massive, and it took me nearlz an hour just to find the entrance. The worst part is that it was well into the 90s that day....so it made for a very hot day.

The town itself has a major pedestrian mall that runs through it. There were some cute churches and stores along the way. I was also able to grab some food and just wander for a bit....spending a few hours before heading back to Belgrade. It was a good day trip, but I woudln't recommend staying much longer.

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