19 August 2008

Wandering Around Zagreb

Tonight I say goodbye to Zagreb as I board an overnight train into Belgrade, Serbia. I am really starting to like this town. Its very cute, everyone is friendly and the people here just seem to know how to relax. Whether its taking a leisurely stroll along the streets, or taking an hour at a coffee shop or even just grabbing an ice cream on the street. Its a cute town.

This morning I took a bus to what my guidebooks are saying is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe, Mirogoj Cemetery. And it certainly was. The entrance was made of huge cupolas and arches, and apparently houses manz of Croatia's famous people. See the picture before - still not mine trying to figure out where I can upload pics.

Later I made my way to the Technical Museum of Zagreb, which houses many different advances in technology - wasnćt sure if it was specifically Croatian related because much of it was in Croatian. However, there was a large section devoted to Nikola Tesla who is of course famous for technological advances in electricity and magnetism and is credited with changing the night scenery in America.

Now, i am just waiting for my overnight train to Belgrade. I hate waiting for things like late trains and buses - you always feel like you are trying to kill time. I guess it gives me time to catch up on my blog.

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