21 August 2008

Is Nikola Tesla Croatian or Serbian???

Today was a bit of a lazy day in Belgrade. I went out with Cat and Ali, two Australian girls who were in my room to check out the Nikola Tesla Museum. Here in Belgrade, they claim that he is Serbian. In Croatia, they claim he is Croatian. Wikipedia says he was born in Croatia....its all very confusing. Both capital cities have museums devoted to him, and both are pretty cool. Unfortunately, the one in Belgrade is under renovation so most of it is not yet open to the public.

We walked more downtown, had a few drinks in a cafe, and had lunch in the Citadel overlooking the Danube river. I had a traditional Serbian hamburger - which is essentially a hamburger patty - twice the size of an American burger served by itself like a steak. Sometimes there is a side of fries.

Tomorrow, I plan to take a day trip to the city of Novi Sad, about 1.5 hours away from Belgrade. Many people know it for its famous European music festival Exit. However, I heard the town itself is a very fun, attractive Serbian town with a cool citadel as well.


Uros Djuric - Djura said...

Nikola Tesla is Serb who was born in Austro Hungarian empire (today part of Croatia), he declared himself as "Serbian from Croatia" , he was an Orthodox and his father was priest in Serbian Orthodox church...

but his last wish was that his ash should be in Belgrade or anywhere in Serbia not in Croatia, also by his last will he left everything to USA and Serbia (papers,stuff,plans,documents,diaries.)
To Croatia - nothing!

With regards, i hope that i helped you in your doubt!

Davorin said...

yes but he build in croatia first electric plant of alternating current in world and it was in CROATIA so i think that he was serbian as same as he was croatia so shut up... mr. nobody (uros)

lea__j said...

Tesla was born in what is today known as Croatia. However, your place of birth does not determine your nationality - at all. I was born in Croatia, but I'm a Serb. I have never lived in Croatia, nor do i practice the Catholic religion so I'm not a Croatian. I am Serbian, and so is my blood no matter where I was born. Same story for Tesla.
His father was a Serbian Orthodox Priest, which I think is enough to say that he is definitely Serbian. Both his parents were Serbian, therefore so is he.
Back in his time, he was actually rejected by Croatians when applying to study and such at their universities. Croatians REJECTED him because he was Serbian. But now that hes famous they'd like to claim him as being their own. "Davorin" is in denial. He was not a Croatian. And if he was alive that is exactly what he would say.
Clearly if he asked specifically for his ashes not be laid in Croatia - he was not Croatian.

I'm not speaking from a biased point of view, however it may seem. I personally don't actually care. But the truth is that if he was a murderer, not a famous inventor, Croatians would be denying that he was even born in their country.

Nikola Tesla was 100% SERBIAN.
Im ashamed that people are arguing over such a thing instead of just respecting and honouring his death. He was Serbian. Get over it.